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Name: Duco van Amstel

Bio: I am one of the PhD students on the Corse team. I joined the team from the start as I already was a member of the same group of people working on compilers. My PhD started in april 2013 but before that I graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon with a research-focused MSc. in Computer Science (I did this at the same time as François Gindraud my fellow team member and PhD student). The experience and skills that I acquired during courses and internships cover a wide variety of subjects: simulation of physical systems and their control (automatics) distributed computing and the associated scheduling issues network and flow-control algorithms cryptography optimization and compiling I finally decided on compilation as my PhD subject after an industry internship at Kalray during which I worked on the implementation and optimization of cryptographic standards. This is also the reason why my PhD is based on a combined industry-academic research project. My working time is split in two between my research at Inria on the Corse team and my work as an engineer at Kalray.

Personal website: https://team.inria.fr/corse/team-members/duco-van-amstel/


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